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Temporary storage warehouse

Warehouse safe custody service is in high demand these days as it provides a consignment owner a significant expenses reduction. Using a temporary storage warehouse is convenient and cost effective: you pay only for space and time you need.

With First Logistic warehousing service you avoid any troubles that might occur while picking up your cargo from the customs temporary storage warehouse including demurrage and any extra payments for storage time.

Our warehouse in Saints Petersburg is designed to provide the best possible conditions for your cargo storage and handling; it is heated, has all modern equipment and 24 hours security. The warehouse meets European quality standarts and is conveniently located close to main transport routes.


  • Exclusive attention to every partner
  • 100% cargo
    safety guarantee,
    by company funds
  • Fast processing at every stage
    of transportation
  • Time-tested routes, efficient and safe
  • Responsibility
    and control
    over the entire
    shipping process